Shima, a sparkling saké spritz in a can.

Breathing new life into the way saké is enjoyed.

Something new, something different...


Living and working in New York, Hector & Matt discovered the delights of saké in one of their favourite neighbourhood bars. A lowly-lit, hidden gem that opened their eyes to the complexities of this mysterious drink.

Often comparing one saké with another, they embarked on brewing their own batch in Brooklyn.


Curiosity grew into obsession. Hector & Matt travelled to Japan, visiting saké breweries steeped in history and speaking with Tojis (Master Brewers) to deepen their understanding of the craft and culture.


Having both moved back to London, Hector & Matt found a small, but growing saké scene. Finding it difficult to source interesting and affordable saké in the UK, they began crafting saké cocktails as an approachable way to engage the British public. 


After innumerable experiments in flavour alchemy they launched their first cocktail – Plum & Hibiscus – and immediately begin developing other exciting new recipes.